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At Ciagel, we are focused on the science of helping people thrive in a world with global healthcare crisis, mutating pathogens and a declining infection control at major hospitals and clinics. 

Health care and Infection Control costs are a major concern to the healthcare systems but especially to the patients these systems serve.

Ciagel's products use the most powerful and stable Hypochlorous Acid, HOCl.


NIXALL®PRO Wound And Skin Solutions, Grooming, Eye And Ear Products And Products To Keep Animals And Your Environment Clean And Odor Free.

Nixall®Pro is the new standard of care for cleansing, irrigating, debriding and moisturizing wounds to help promote healing through innovative solutions that work with the animal’s natural mending process. Our grooming solution keeps skin and coat clean, moisturized, healthy and odor free.



GroWash is a non-toxic, pH neutral, plant cleaner for use in all greenhouse, hydroponic and traditional growing environments. Using the GroWash formula cleans your plants are healthy plants.

GroWash products are focused on helping people live better lives in an increasingly contaminated world. Pesticides are an increasing concern and cost to growers, our products utilize the most profound HOCl solution available to positively impact crops.


 Gruene Anolyte, LLC, through research and innovation, is committed to provide safe and effective solutions to protect your most valuable assets without harmful residuals. 

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